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Design Trends Alert: Top 2020 Wedding Design Trends to Watch

So, what's a "Trend" anyway?

Did you know that what we consider as "trends" have a very different life cycle than a style. Design Styles are characteristics that typically fall into a category. They are evergreen and carry a look or a feel. From time-to-time styles may gain and loose popularity. I love to help my clients identify which of 8 design styles categories (or combinations of styles) best represent them or the feeling they want to carry throughout the look of their wedding day.

Trends, on the other hand, are very specific and not timeless. In fact, a tend typically has a lifespan of 3 to 5 years. The trick is to use trends as an influence and accent to your style. This will prevent it from looking "out date" in a couple of year. No one wants to look back on their wedding and think, "remember when that was in all the craft store... what was I thinking?" Every wedding should feel beautiful no matter what decade it is.

Let's take a few minutes look at some trends to watch for 2020 and how you can used them so they can be breathtaking for a lifetime.

Top Trends To Watch:

  • Style

  • Color

  • Decor & Details



Moho "Modern Boho" Trend

It's so exciting to help clients start their wedding design process by identifying which of the 8 design style categories work best for them. Often, a client or couple are not just "one style". That's why MoHo is so intriguing... yes, "Moho". You see, the Boho or Bohemian style and it's free-spirited, enchanted feel has been popular for years but in 2020 it will have a fresh, new modern twist.

"MoHo" (Modern style fused with Boho style) will be a new style buzz word. Remember, the key is "juxtaposition". The juxtaposition is the seamless blending of two considerably opposing styles. So, just imagine the easy, hand-crafted feel and natural materials of Boho and characteristics of a modern style including color blocking, texture blocking, angles, using negative space, geometric shapes, etc.


COLOR: Muted, Cool, Dramatic, other contrasting color harmonies

Color Trends

You may have heard that the Pantone color of the year is "Classic Blue" but that doesn't mean it will instantly be a popular wedding color trend. Just keep in mind that Pantone's influence may not be seen everywhere right away and here's why. You see, it often takes a few years for the color to filter through to certain industries.

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter if you use that color or not. There are other color trends and color schemes that will be popular and many of them work with or without Classic Blue. It's all up to you and what you want for your big day.

Here are the top 4 Colors and Color Schemes to watch:

  1. Muted tones; like mint, slate blue, and dusty rose

  2. Earth tones think tones like beige, clay, cafe ole, etc.

  3. Variations of red including mauve, dusty rose, burgundy, etc.

  4. Neutral & metallic tones including gold foil, antique, rose, chrome, black, and white


DECOR & DETAILS: Floral Designs, Personal Elements, and Statements Pieces

Design trends to watch

There are tons of design decor and detail trends that will gain popularity in 2020 but here are a few that you'll be sure to notice as you explore inspiration and accents for wedding designs:

  1. Floral designs & Installations:

  • Watercolor or painted floral patterns and details

  • Painted Giant leaves like palms in colors or metallic tones

  • Long tables (will continue to be in demand)

  • Large statement greenery & floral structures; floral doorway entrances, vertical floral installations/floating arches, and suspended floral installations

  • Greenery including palms (will continue to be in demand)

  1. Personalized Design Elements: Marquees and neon signage

  2. Statement Design Elements:

  • Art deco patterns & 20s themes

  • Metallic and gold accents

  • Minimalist Luxe

  • Tall, linear candelabras

  • Vintage furniture (will continue to be in demand)

Of course, more trends will unveil themselves as we finish up awards seasons. You see, the red carpet is a perfect place for trend spotting. Here's what I'd like for you to remember, go with what makes you happy, what reflects your personality, your love story and your personal style. The truth is no two weddings should be the same. You deserve a wedding where everyone will walk in and instantly feel like this is you and your unique, one-of-a-kind day. Once again, I wish you Happy Planning!



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