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Terms of service, use and company policies


Vivid Expressions LLC Materials on our Website


Please Note: We are currently updating our "Terms of Service".  The information below is  in  the process of  being  updated and the information posted below may be incorrect or is subject to change during this time.  For the most current information  please feel free to contact us  directly. is part and property of Vivid Expressions LLC.  Vivid Expressions LLC (operating as and also from this moment forth referred to as Vivid Expressions LLC, Vivid Expressions or Art of Creative Celebrations for purposes of the Terms of Service referred to as "Company") maintains this website.  Vivid Entertaining should be used for personal entertainment, informational, and communication purposes only.  Please assume that all content seen on (example: images, texts, written documentation, etc) is the property of and/or our licensors, suppliers, affiliates, partners, etc.  You may not: reproduce, display, distribute, modify, sell, repost, etc any Vivid Expressions content without the expressed written permission of Vivid Expressions and our affiliates and partners.  Please download and print designated download and Print Friendly page materials.  Download and Print Friendly pages may be used for the specific purpose of personal use by individual users only, not associated with a commercial business.  Typos, photographic, or descriptive errors may occasionally occur unintentually, are subject to correction, and do not make Vivid Expressions LLC liable for typographical errors, incorrect photographic images or discontinued merchandise. 

Suitable Behavior and Restrictions

We are committed to developing and presenting a friendly, professional, creative, nurturing, informative, interesting, useful, interactive and safe environment for our guests, customers, clients, and members to visit, use, purchase, and participate in.  Vivid Expressions values friendship, family, faith, and the blessings of creativty and love found in the human spirit.  We also value our guests, costumers and members and respect their privacy (See Privacy Policy). 

Vivid Expressions reserves the right to cancel membership or restrict services to any guests, customers, clients, members, etc who attempts to post, promote, or attempts to use Vivid Expressions to convey, what Vivid Expressions, considers to be negative and unsuitable content, services, etc.  Users (guests, customers, clients, and members) agree to only post appropriate statements in Vivid Expressions forums, blogs, venues, or any other Vivid Expressions online presence, content or other Vivid Expressions services.  Vivid Expressions Services are not intended by used by users under the age of 16 unless approved or supervised by an adult.  Members access may be immediately terminated if they are found to attempt any of the following unsuitable behavior on Vivid Expressions.

Unsuitable Behavior (includes but not limited to):

·         Display content depicting or promoting discrimination of race, color, sex, religion, nationality, disability, etc.

·         Display content that may be deemed pornographic or offensive

·         Use of strong, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise harmful language.

·         Contain obscene or sexually explicit materials;

·         Display contact promoting violence or harm to others

·         Contain expressing harassing, intimidating, stalking, or threatening other community members.

·         Behavior done in an attempt to invasion the privacy of others.

·         Actions that may result in harm to or corruption of minors.

·         Actions of any kind done in an attempt to post, upload, email, or otherwise transmitting any material that contains any malicious computer code (including spyware, worms, Trojan horses, viruses, etc.).

·         Any attempt to use Vivid Expressions LLC to post, promote, distribute, transmit, or conduct any illegal content or activities.

·         Any attempt to impersonate Vivid Expressions members, employees, officials, customers, etc.

·         Attempts to use Vivid Expressions collecting, storing, or posting of personal data about or of other community members or to forward any junk mail or spam.



Username and Password

All Vivid Expressions LLC members (which may include but not limited to customers, clients, and wholesalers) are required to create a password for access to member only or member specific pages, make content submissions, receive special discount products, etc.  Your password will be used in connection with Vivid Expressions and our website.  Members are responsible for the maintenance and confidentiality of their password and membership account.   Members are solely responsible for their password, account, and any activity their password and account are used for in association with Vivid Expressions LLC.


Consulting Services

Vivid Expressions LLC offers professional creative services including (but not limited to) wedding/special event design, graphic design, marketing materials design, tabescape design/decoration, Directress/Coordinating service, Consulting, etc.  Vivid Expressions LLC attempts to provide Consulting and Wedding/Event Planning service throughout the Hampton Roads region of Virginia (including Williamsburg) and the Outer Banks region of North Carolina.  Availability and some geographic restrictions may apply.  Upon occasion we will provide service outside of the above mentioned areas (Ex: Richmond, VA, Washington DC, etc).  To find out if we can offer service in your area or we are available for your event dates please contact us at  

Clients are taken on a limited basis.  Vivid Expressions LLC will attempt to accommodate the Client's schedule for appointments when possible however; we reserve the right to refuse to conduct/decline to do house calls, evening, weekend appointments, or other appointments at times/dates that conflict with other the company or staff (including but not limited to the CEO & Artistic Director) obligations or appointments.  We reserve to refuse clients based upon several factors including (but not limited to) scheduled bookings on a particular event date, geographic location and distance, length of time until the event, and other minimum event requirements that may be based on event size, budget, location, etc.  Consultant/Client meetings are on an appointment only basis.  Initial consultation (and up to an additional half hour consultation before hiring the planner/consultant) is free, after which time the client is subject to Billable hours and will be billed according to the hourly rate that may be $75 to $150 per hour (Rates are subject to change and/or increase). Individuals interested in Vivid Expressions Design and Consulting Services by be subject to similar retainer/deposit fees, billable hours, rates, and other costs associated with labor, materials and other expenses associated with design work.  In order to provide customers with the highest level of services and individual attention they deserve, Vivid Expressions LLC generally books one event (ex: wedding) per day.   Vivid Expressions LLC will make attempt to work with those submitting requests to meet their schedule and needs however; from time to time we are unable to accommodate a request for planning service.  If this becomes the case, we will notify the party as soon as possible (by phone or in person) and will attempt to offer suggestions or recommendations when possible.  

The consultant is hire only after deposit/retainer and the client's signed document contracting Vivid Expressions LLC Wedding and/or Special Event Planning Services.  Vivid Expressions LLC normally expects clients to sign an agreement by no later than our second meeting. Both packaged and hourly services are subject to “billable hours”.  Billable hours are considered time (half hour increments) spent performing tasks related to the project, service, or hired work.  They may include (but are not limited to) meetings/consultation time, telephone calls, emailing, faxing, driving time/mileage, etc and may be tracked for billing purposes. 

Vivid Expressions LLC reserves the right to substitute and/or assign another representative(s) of Vivid Expressions LLC in any capacity, at any time it determines necessary to direct, produce, and otherwise fulfill event services and/or obligations.  The client will responsible for updating Vivid Expressions LLC with any changes to the event or their personal contact information including (but not limited to) vendor selections, guest numbers, bridal party, point of contact, change of address, etc.  This agreement shall be binding on the heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns of the respective parties.  

For the piece of mind of our clients Vivid Expressions LLC is licensed and insured and may take additional event insurance for  clients who choose any of event planning services.  Please note; if the client wishes to purchase a higher coverage and rate insurance policy from a company of their choice the consultant can be asked to help in a limited capacity (ex: offer suggestions) or the client can purchase one on their own. 


Vivid Expressions LLC will create a Service Proposal (Consultation Summary and general service estimate) after an Event Planning and/or Design Consultation.  Vivid Expressions LLC will not reserve the date or will only consider an individual or company a Client after the service agreement has been signed with a deposit.  Vivid Expressions LLC services and/or an event date may be retained for a limited and predetermined period of time with a Retainer fee which may range from $500 - $1,000.  The Retainer may be applied to the towards the total amount of the service cost.  The Retainer will only reserve the event date and/or services for a limited period of time (usually up to 60 days) at which time a contract service agreement must be signed and accompanied with the appropreiate deposit.  During the period between the application of the Retainer and the signing of the service contract agreement and receipt of the required deposit any work (examples; meetings, consulting, referrals, etc) will be logged on record as billable hours.  These billable hours may be substracted from service/work time outlined in service contract agreement.  

Online Service Account Payments

 For your convenience an online payment option is available for our Wedding/Special Events Planning Service(s) Clients under the Wedding & Event Consulting section of the website.  You are required to establish an active Vivid Expressions LLC Client Account in order for your payment(s) to be accurately accredited to your wedding or special events services/package and account.   Your Client Account will be established upon the signing of your service contract, payment (in person, by check or cash) of your deposit (50% of the total balance owed) and presentation of your receipt.  Online payment information (example: billing name, billing address, etc) must match the billing information on the client account.  Funds will be processed through the online system upon submission.   Payment are usually accredited to the clients account within 48 hours however, this may take up to 72 hours (this time may be longer if technical difficulties occur).  Vivid Entertaining will forward a confirmation email to the client once processing is complete. 

Donation Favors Network Project (DFNP)

DFNP information project is a free information sharing project offered through Vivid Expressions LLC/Vivid Entertaining.  Donation Favors information is available for Clients who wish to give a charitable (and tax-deductible) donation (directly to the non-profit organization) in lieu of buying traditional wedding or special event favors for their guests.  Clients will be given Donation Favors by the organization in addition to or as an alternative to traditional wedding favors.  The charitable organization then provides them with special favors (elegant cards, bookmarks, or other types of favors) along with information about their gift to give to each guest.  Vivid Entertaining will promote awareness of the donation favor programs of the charitable organizations we are working with.  Vivid Entertaining will provide contact information, show samples, and offer clients and coordinators help with the ordering process of these party/wedding donation favors free of charge.  Based upon the requests, processes, and policies of the charitable organization the Client may have to place orders directly and Vivid Entertaining will not assist them in the Donation Favor order.  You do not have to be a Vivid Entertaining Client to participate in the DFNP.  The Client may choose Donation Favors, Traditional Favors, or both.  Favor sample materials are limited and may be shown as for “display purposes only”.  The Client will pay their donations directly to the charitable organization(s) they have chosen - Vivid Entertaining acts only as your liaison and accepts not payments.  Vivid Expressions LLC will not be responsible for any promise of donation and/or payment to any DFNP charitable organization. Clients are responsible for insuring payment of Donation Favors to the chosen charitable organization. 


DFNP - Donation Favors Network Project (also referred to as DFNP or Vivid Outreach).  This is a project of Vivid Expressions LLC/Vivid Entertaining.  Vivid Expressions LLC is conducting the DFNP as community and charitable outreach.  Vivid Expressions LLC does not seek any monitory reward or gain for the ordering of Donation Wedding or Special Event Favors through the organizations they associate with.  You do not have to be a Vivid Entertaining Client to participate in the DFNP.  Vivid Expressions LLC is acting as only a liaison between the Client (Bride, Groom, Wedding or Party Coordinator/Consultants, Party giver, etc) and the charitable organization.  Vivid Expressions LLC reserves the right to relinquish this role as any time.  Vivid Expressions LLC is not responsible for any product provided by the charitable organizations or the Client’s satisfaction or condition of the Donation Favors.  Vivid Expressions LLC is not responsible for the delivery of the Donation Favors. The DFNP is being conducted, in good faith, to bring awareness to causes the company feels strongly about.  Vivid Expressions LLC reserves the right to select which charitable organizations it is associated with or affiliated with and wishes to work with and/or promote.  Vivid Expressions LLC reserves the right to add, change, disassociate, or remove organizations from the DFNP.  Vivid Expressions LLC may remove the names and materials of organizations temporary or permanently removed from the DFNP at any time.  List on Vivid Entertaining website may not always reflect current organizations Vivid Expressions LLC is working with.  Please contact Vivid Expressions LLC/Vivid Entertaining  or Executive Director Janel Keen for the must up to date information.



Creative and Artistic Services

Vivid Expressions LLC may choose to waive some, any, or all initial consultation fees as part of a promotion (for limited time).  After the initial consultation (30 minute consultation) and a signed contract with deposit has been received, Vivid Expressions may create Concept Illustrations, "Event Art Designs", Concept Boards, Story Boards, and/or other types of visual aids or artistic renderings to present to the Client illustrating related aspects of the event design and/or event flow.  Vivid Expressions LLC reserves the right to protect its Artistic and Intellectual property including but not limited to all event design concepts, ideas, designs, illustrations, sketches, renderings, paintings, layouts, visual effects, lighting effects, etc.  Clients who do not sign a contract prior to a creative meeting (i.e.: a meeting to discuss the design or concept of an event) are subject to signing a Non-Disclosure or Confidentiality Agreement prior to discussing design ideas or viewing design concepts.  Any event/decor designs (Design Illustrations, Concept Boards, etc) created for the event of a potential Client (ie: Someone who has not signed a service contract)are subject to a "Custom Design Art" fee up to $300 depending on the size, scale, detail, complexity of the design, artwork, and project.  Any design fees accrued for sketches and/or concept boards created for an event will be subtracted from the service package cost once the service contract is signed.  Vivid Expressios will not create revisions of any artistic rendering.  Concept Boards, Illustrations, etc are Artistic Renderings which are to be used to relay a general representations of design concepts and are subject to interpretation - the final production or product(s) may vary.  


Each Concept Board, Story Board, Illustration, Design, created piece, etc for the event will be considered an original work of art by the Artist (Janel Bailey Keen) and the property of Vivid Expressions LLC and Janel Bailey Keen.  The Client, upon signing of the contract or confidentiality agreement, agrees to the confidentiality of any artistic concepts, designs, ideas, etc discussed or revealed to the Client for the event and will agree not to discuss, disclose, copy or imitate them with any other (including but not limited to competing) organizations, companies, designers, coordinators, etc or use as their own without the expressed written permission of Vivid Expressions LLC. 



Vivid Expressions LLC is also doing business as Vivid Expressions LLC and the company may be referred to as Vivid Expressions LLC, Vivid Expressions, or Art of Creative Celebrations at any given time.  Vivid Expressions attempts to update the pricing, packages, services, and products displayed on our website and will attempt to post updates when packages/prices change,  when service offerings change, when products are out of stock or no longer available as soon as we become aware of such changes.  However, all prices, services, packages, or products are subject to change at any time and we do not guarantee that all prices, services, packages, or products displayed online, on our website are available or in stock at the time when your order is submitted.  Product availability will be verified during the time that your order is processed.  All promotions, specials, sales, discounts, products and services are subject to change based upon availability (products, open dates, etc).  Event dates and date reservations are offered on a "first come, first served" basis, based upon available manpower (and other factors) and reserves the right to refuse taking on a client if a conflict becomes apparent.  If an event date is not available due to another booking Vivid Expressions reserves the right to offer the client another date or to place then on a waiting list.  Please note: Virginia Sales Tax (of 6%) will be applied to all Virginia resident purchases.  Shipping costs for orders will be added at the time of purchase.  For information about our shipping and order processing (including processing timeline).   Vivid Expressions will attempt to contact costumers regarding their order and product availability as soon as possible if the product(s) is not in stock/available.  In order to contact the customer in cases of issues involving their order, we must have the customer's correct contact information.  It is the responsibility of the customer to provide complete and accurate contact information during the time of sale.


Virginia Sales Tax apply to all products and services.  Only one promotional offer per couple, business, client, or organization.  

All promotional offers shown are not to be combined or used with any other Vivid Expressions LLC special offers unless otherwise stated.  All promotional discounts are for a limited time only and Vivid Expressions LLC reserves the right to end any promotion at any time without prior notice.  Promotional offers may not be combined with other promotional offers. Vivid Expressions LLC will make every attempt to update our website regularly and will try to remove or update promotions however; we are not responsible for any information regarding expired promotions which may still be posted on our website or other forms of marketing (ie: other websites, flyers, mailings, etc.)

Vivid Expressions LLC will make every attempt to update our website regularly and will try to remove or update promotions however; we are not responsible for any information regarding expired promotions which may still be posted on our website or other forms of marketing (ie: other websites, flyers, mailings, etc.)

Web Content - Not all content available on Vivid Expressions is solely created or submitted by Vivid Expressions.  Although Vivid Expressions attempts to verify content displayed on our website, some content is submitted by members and third parties (example: partners, wholesalers, affiliates, etc) and is not always confirmed as accurate, error-free, or reliable.   Use of this site is at your risk.  Vivid Expressions can not guarantee that all functional aspects of our website will be error free.  We can not guarantee that users may not experience website errors or down time (example: due to server issues).  As with all online activity it is the responsibility of the user to have appropriate virus or other harmful components protection.  

All products, services, prices, and promotions offered by Vivid Expression (and posted on the website) are subject to change.  Vivid Expressions will honor prices as they are presented in a client's contract.  Vivid Expressions reserves the right to correct any website errors.  Errors may include pricing errors.  In the case of a pricing error Customers will be contacted, when they cancel opt to cancel the order.  The content including (but not limited to) materials, information, products, and/or services posted on this site (or related to Vivid Expressions in anyway) is for entertainment purposes only.  Any content or information expressed by Vivid Expressions (including but not limited to event design and wedding related information) should be done only in accordance to the User's local, state, and federal law.  Vivid Expressions and does not take responsibility for the use of any contact, information, advise, materials, etc posted on this website by the User.  Users are solely responsible for safety, well being, and all safe uses of any content acquired by from this website. 


As an authorized reseller, Vivid Expressions LLC website services (and performance) solely relay on the equipment, software, staff, policies, etc of it's suppliers, wholesalers, service providers, etc.  Vivid Expressions LLC cannot guarantee continuous service, integrity of data, information or content storage or transmitted via the internet.  Vivid Expressions LLC will not be liable for unauthorized access to, or any corruption, era sure, or other negative acts on its system.  Vivid Expressions LLC is not liable for any loss of profit, revenue, loss of use, procurement of goods, personal information, loss of data, etc. 

Vivid Expressions LLC Promotional Offers are not to be combined with other Vivid Expressions LLC promotional offers, discounts, etc.  Vivid Expressions LLC Promotional Offers may not be combined with any Promotional offers, discounts, etc of any Vivid Expressions LLC business partner, supplier, vendor, distributor, etc. 


We reserve the right to substitute gift basket, flower, candy buffet, favor, and/or other items of equal or greater value on temporary out of stock items. Prices are subject to change.  Designs, container, content, and color from pictures on this web site are subject to change without notice.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Sales Tax

All Vivid Expressions LLC products and services may be subject to Virginia Tax Sales Tax (of 6%).  We are required by law to charge a sales tax of 6% for all orders delivered within the state of Virginia. Shipping/delivery costs are subject to tax.


Online Orders: Once an order has been submitted online it can not be cancelled through our system.  All online sales are final.  All Personal Shopper sales are processed through our office and are complete once the order(s) has been processed and a confirmation number, confirmation email, electronic notice, electronic receipt is created, written receipt, or printed receipt.  These (Personal Shopper) sales are final upon issuing the customer's confirmation number, confirmation email, electronic notice, when an electronic receipt is created, written receipt is created, or printed receipt is created.

Consultations or meetings: Vivid Expressions LLC can schedule Consultation/Meeting Appointments in the day time, evening, weekends, and at the Client and/or Potential Client's home on a limited basis and based upon our availability.  Vivid Expressions can also meet clients at convenient location (ex: Barnes and Noble).  These appointments can be for consulting discussions (ex: event planning) or to meet a vendor (ex: Bridal Gown Shop).  If a client has an emergency and needs to cancel we ask that they contact us to cancel as soon as possible.  If the client is meeting with Vivid Expressions (and not another vendor) and needs to cancel due to a non-emergency, then the client is asked to cancel 24 hours prior to the appointment.  If there is another vendor attending the meeting and Vivid Expressions has set up the appointment, Vivid Expressions asks that the Client provide Vivid Expressions with 48 hours (2 business days) notice so we may contact the vendor to reschedule with the vendor. 


Wedding/Event Planning Services: Either party may terminate this agreement, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice (hardcopy) thirty days prior to the termination.  The coordinator shall cease to work on the termination date and shall not incur further expenses in connection with the services.  The client shall pay for all services rendered up to the termination date.  Deposits are non-refundable after 14 days of signing the service contract.  The client's date has been exclusively reserved for the client's event based upon Vivid Expressions LLC coordinator (staff, assistants, etc.) availability.  Due to other business that may be turned away or work that may be done on this project; if the client cancels their package 6 months prior to the event than the client will pay 50% of the remaining balance.  If the client cancels 3 months prior to the event than, the client will pay 75% of the remaining balance.  If the client cancels within 60 days of the event then the client will payment the full remaining balance.  If wedding or special event services are booked within less than 6 months prior to the event than the payment/cancellation schedule will be adjusted for the accelerated timeline and will be reflected in the Client's contact. 


Website Services: Client will be deemed to have accepted services unless Client notifies Company within 5 days after performance of any services.  Website services commence on the effective date indicated in the order.  Website service will automatically renew for successive one month periods unless the order is terminated early in accordance with its terms or either party gives written notice to the other party of non-renewal at least 30 days prior to expiration of the term.  


As a Event Coordinator and/or Planner, Vivid Expressions LLC is acting solely as an agent for the client. All other vendor contracts will be signed by the client and the client is responsible for all payments in full.  Although Vivid Expressions LLC provides coordination and referrals, each vendor is responsible for his or her own actions.  Vivid Expressions LLC highly recommends that Clients please read each Vendor contract carefully. Vivid Expressions LLC does not accept responsibility for vendor cancellation if payments to vendors are not received in the time agreed to guarantee confirmation of such vendors. Vivid Expressions LLC does not accept any monies from vendors. 

Links, Affiliations, Partners, and Staff

Vivid Expressions many include links and images from our affiliates and partners on our website.  Not all links on the Vivid Expressions website are necessarily an endorsement of any link or other website(s) or organization other than Vivid Expressions .  Vivid Expressions only periodically reviews links on our website and the other websites they are associated with and is not responsible other website (i.e. : affiliates, partners, etc) availability, accuracy or content.  Linking to another website, reviewing their content, and/or using their products/services are done at your own risk.  Vivid Expressions is not responsible for any other websites or any loss or damages as a result of that third party, their pages or websites.  Vivid Expressions strongly recommends that you read and understand all terms and privacy statements associated with another website or organization. 


Any Business Associate, Partner, Vendor/Contractor, Independent Representatives/Consultants, and Staff Member (volunteer, independent representative, temporary employee/staff, paid employee/staff, intern, etc) may be subject to agreeing to Vivid Expressions LLC Standards of Conduct to continue association with Vivid Expressions LLC.  This may include a guideline of acceptable behavior when representing Vivid Expressions LLC including (but not limited to) high-level, quality customer service, dress code, quality assure reviews, training sessions/lectures, performance and/or training evaluations, and ethical behavior and morals clauses.

Terms of service may be subject to change and my be outlined further in our proposal  and/or contract service agreement.

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