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What if

... you could have the inspired solutions to creatively transform tasks and get stunning projects done in just a day rather than spending weeks?

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With an independent Creative Consultant (Director & Designer) you'll have access to high-level creative resources that will help you gain the time, talent, and solutions you're missing.

What can Creative Consulting do for you?

  • Give you flexible access to a creative pro

  • Design concept, style, and color consultation

  • Visual Presentation & Proposal Development 

  • Visual Brainstorming & Mood Board

  • Design element selection & sourcing

  • Brand Strategy & Visual Identity (get clarity and vividly present your "who" and "why")

  • Design development & project management

  • Custom Design Renderings (sketches)

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Consultant or Designer for a day

What kind of impact would it have if you could fully focus on having a solution done in one day?  Consider a VIP Day option where I dedicate up to 8 hours to focus on your visually collaborate, brand/re-brand, or design development all in a single day.

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Talent "at your figure tips". 


A "Designer Retainer-style" service giving you a minimum of 20 hours of remote (and/or limited in-person) Creative & Designer consulting over a number of months.

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"I reached out to Janel in regards to rebranding and defining our company.  I am a visual learner and did not disappoint.  I actually got more than what I was expecting. It's easy for a business owner to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running a company.  Her creativity really made me look at the way we were doing things and gave amazing insight into better and newer ways to approach certain ideas.  I found that having someone get as excited as me about the direction that we're heading really gave me a boost of energy that I didn't even realize I needed!"

- Melissa S., Rental Business Owner

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Creative Director & Stylist

  • 1-on-1 Consulting

  • Design & Presentation Development

  • Visual Planning & Project Roadmaps

  • Brand Style Guide & Concept Sketches

  • Staging & Detailing


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West M., 
Entertainment Company Owner

"I think, for me as a creative, I am in need of direction in order for me to really channel and focus on the things that will allow me to flex my creativity and grow as a business owner.  I have been able to book 10 Events in 3 months after learning from her.  Janel’s coaching has allowed us to earn more and stress less!"

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When should you Contact Us?

No two clients (or stories) are the same and neither should the look of their events. Once we begin working together, I carefully tailor your designs around you and this takes time. 

That's why I limit the number of clients I select to work with per year.  As a result, event dates can book from 12 weeks to up to 18 months in advance so contact us a soon as possible to "check availability".


Request a complimentary 1-on-1 "Design Envisioning Session".

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