... to help each person illustrate a clear vision and design an expression of their uniqueness so that together we can create their dream experience or strategically facilitate sharing their gifts to manifest greatness in the world.

Branding Mini Session- Janel Bailey-Keen
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about Me

How did I go from professional Artist to Event Designer & Educator?  The educator wasn't that much of a stretch because I worked in marketing and training or years.  But for events, well, to be honest, I did it in tears. 


It was after a near disaster during my own wedding in 2003.  I knew that if there was a way I could use my gifts and knowledge to help other brides not go through what I had gone through I wanted to be a part of that.  3 years later, in 2006, Vivid Expressions was born! 

Over the years my team and I have had the honor of helping hundreds of couples celebrate the most amazing day of their lives.  And it feels like pure magic to see our clients live out their dreams.