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Intern, Event Team, and Independent Contractor Opportunities

Welcome to the Vivid Expressions LLC Team Opportunities Form.   We are currently accepting applications to be considered for opportunities such as Interns, part-time or Independent contractors.  

Responsibility Overview



Our company is a great environment for candidates who may have many of these characteristics. 


Ideal candidates should be reliable, have a good work ethic, be willing and open to learning, be a great listener who is good with instructions, who can think independently and show initiative, who can show problem solving skills, and who are highly organized and detail oriented.  


Candidates may be brought in on a temporary basis or contracted from project-to-project (Event to Event) basis to work directly for the company by the Executive Creative/Artistic Director (as needed). 

Candidates may be provided additional and/or supplemental assistance with day-to-day administrative or business tasks, client contact/relations, business relations, marketing and sales projects, occasional project assignments, and other related tasks as required.


All candidates should be able to lift at least 25 lbs. 


All candidates must have some form of reliable transportation and work may be done on-site in company storefront/studio or, upon occasion, on-site at project/event location(s).


Candidates may be giving small tasks and other project assignments to complete with direction but very limited to no supervision.


Resume must be received in order to be considered.  You may provide a link to your resume in the form below or forward your resume in an email after submitting your form.


Shadowing or Beginner's Training


(Paid opportunities may be available to Shadows/Beginner Trainee - see Strike Crew). No experience is required - this is a learning, development, and professional growth opportunity.  With each client's permission I may have Shadow/Trainees on projects & events.  You will gain "hands-on experience" and learn a lot of practical skills, techniques, practices, etc. involved in design projects, events design production, and possible day-to-day operations.  If you are brought in on a project/event you will work along side our design team Event Associates.  In other words, you will participate and be treated like "one of us" and work as hard as our team.  *This means, expect long hours/Shadows may be on a rotating schedule and have their hands in multiple designs. 



This is a structured Internship program that offers a hands-on opportunity to gain fundamental work experience while in a hospitably, production, and design related environment.  The Intern will work under the leadership of the Lead Event Designer as well as independently experiencing and learning about our company's mission, operations, and aspects of the following disciplines: 

  • Communications & Marketing

  • Operations & Administration

  • Business Networking & Client Relations

Interns will be giving a structured outline of the internship program (including learning objectives, expectations, tools, etc. 


Interns will receive evaluation feedback/Q & A sessions, attend regular team and/or individual meetings, opportunities to shadow, hands-on tasks, and/or guided assigned project.

Studio Assistant (FILLED)

Between 4 to 8 hours per week (Monday - Wednesdays availability preferred however, weekend hours may be available) 

$10 per hour

The Studio Assistant may work independently as well as under the leadership of the Lead Event Designer in the pre-production and production of special event designs.  This is an entry level position is responsible for the general preparation, care, cleaning, and maintenance of the design and consulting studio for event design production.  In this position:

  • The Studio Assistant will be compensated for their time

  • The Studio Assistant will receive hands-on experience in flower care

  • The Studio Assistant may learn about the pre-event design process

Duties & responsibilities include the following:

  1. Flower Processing (example: cleaning, cutting, and organizing fresh flowers for future design production)

  2. Clean flower coolers (remove old flowers, buckets, and debris from coolers)

  3. Cleaning and re-sock flower buckets and vases

  4. Mixing floral solutions & filling buckets

  5. Clean work area (sweep floor, clean flower work table, put up flower tool/supplies, etc)

  6. Prepare meeting area for guests (sweep floor, set out bottles of water, replenish snacks, etc)

  7. Assist with inventory or re-order lists for floral design production materials, event decor inventory, and other general office supplies (ex: coffee, cups, creamer, hand soap, etc.)

  8. Assist with taking out empty flower boxes and other trash

  9. Other duties necessary to the general maintenance of our studio

Event Team Associate (Freelance)

*Past Professional Event Experienced Required

Pay rate per day $150 to $180

Primary duties are Day of Design Production including but not limited to floral design & decor rental loading, staging, set-up, etc.  Event Associates may also assist (with and without supervision) in pull and cataloging products for events, installing draping, setting up decor rentals, placing linens & centerpieces, detailing spaces with design accents as instructed, etc.  *Expect a 7 to 10 hour work day (with a breaks that may last 1 to 4 hours between beginning and end of the event).  Day of Associates typically also participate in the event Strike ("Strike" refers to returning after event to breakdown, de-install, and remove design products).

Event Strike Crew (Freelance)

*Past Professional Event Experienced Required

$20-$25 per hour (average strike 2 to 3 hours) 

This is the rate for late night (any time after 8 pm) breakdown, de-installation, and/or pick up.  May be a stand alone contract and paid separately if you are brought in as supplemental assistance and not already contracted as an Event Associate on a particular event.

*Note: Shadows/Beginner Trainees may be eligible for "Strike contracts" (upon Shadow/Beginner Trainee performance evaluations and approval) and will be paid during strike hours. 


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