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Behind the scenes - Concept to creation process: Sparkle and the City

We affectionately call Norfolk the "Mermaid City" and very few venues offer a spectacular view of waterfront and city lights life the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center. These enormous floor to ceiling windows of the routunda showcase a breathtaking backdrop for chic and sophisticated weddings. This was a fabulous canvas for use to help our Bride conceptualize her wedding day vision and then (of course once approved) we brought this vision to life.

Once our bride shared with Designer Janel Bailey Keen all of her preferences and "must have" elements for her wedding we created custom illustrations of her wedding designs. See the "Before" and "After" below. Yep, we nailed... but judge for yourself.



Color | Gold, Black, Purple, Orange

Style | Modern, Glamorous, Clean, Timeless

Location | Half Moone Cruise & Celebration Center (Norfolk, Virginia)

Designer + Production | Janel Keen, Vivid Expressions LLC

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