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Behind the Design: Uniquely Yours Showcase 2020

If you're like me you feel like there's something special about the start of a New Year. And if you're like over 30% of couples who got engaged after the holiday season, you're excited (and maybe a little anxious) about starting your the planning journey for their wedding.

Blush gold centerpiece by Vivid Expressions

Well, no problem because not only is January the start of a 2020, it's also the start of Wedding Show Season! These shows are designed to showcase vendors, ideas, education, fashion, trends and all things wedding. They can be massive trade-shows or intimate "by invitation only" parties. Either way, it's they're the perfect places for couples so see what wedding planning is all about and meet many of the people to help them.

The truth is, I'm asked to be in a lot of these shows but are very selective. In fact, each show we are in and booth, table, or environment we design for these events will have a similar color harmony, style , or theme (to show cohesiveness) but will be uniquely designed to tell own story. So, with that said, I'd like to take you on a behind-the-scenes peak an the process for one of the most recent show... The 2020 Uniquely Yours Wedding Showcase in Norfolk, Virginia.

  • Concept Development

  • Floral Preparation

  • Pre-Production

  • Final Design & Presentation - 2 booths: Vivid Expressions & The Chrysler Museum of Art



Concept Development:

Concept sketch of Vivid Expressions booth design at Uniquely Yours Wedding Show 2020

Floral Preparation:

Quicksand roses


Final Design & Production

Our Design for Vivid Expressions LLC

Vivid Expressions at Uniquely Yours 2020
Vivid Expressions at Uniquely Yours 2020

Our design for ...

The Chrysler Museum of Art

Vivid Expressions centerpiece design for Chrysler Museum of Art at Uniquely Yours

Vivid Expressions centerpiece design for Chrysler Museum of Art at Uniquely Yours

Best wishes,



Event by: Uniquely Yours 2020

Location: The Norfolk Scope Arena

Floral Designs, Linens, Place-settings, and Accents by: Vivid Expressions LLC

Unofficial Photos by: Janel Keen, Vivid Expressions LLC

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