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Real Weddings: Dane & Michael

I WAS SHOCKED!! When I was coming from the back of the ballroom I heard it... I heard it! The bride had the mic and stopped celebrating to thank me by name at the reception...

"thank you Janel and Vivid Expressions for making my dream come true".

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. You see, our bride Dane was referred to us for her dream wedding. She'd already chosen the breathtaking venue of The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia and was excited for her magical day. However, there seemed to be just 2 small snags.

Firstly, her wedding was only two and a half months away. Secondly, she was out of town (living near Washington DC) and could not make it down to our area just yet. Now, I say, "there seemed to be just 2 small snags" because the truth is that was really no problem at all. You see, I love to make magic manifest for our couples. And, although we can typically book up to 12 to 18 months in advance but as luck would have it this date was open!

As for the distance... well, again, no problem! Remember, everything we do is based in art and design elements, principles and processes. And I love creating visual aids and presentations to help blueprint each step of our couple's wedding design experience.

So, how did the process start for them? Well, it actually began during the booking process that I shared in a style board (a collection general "big picture" ideas) that I compiled for them was part of their original design service proposal. See below:

After they booked with us, I "welcomed" them to the "Vivid Expressions Family" by mailing off a Design Kit by priority mail. In it had a color wheel, my custom made "designer flash cards", and a few other surprises! Next we schedule a virtual Design Session. And between Google Hangout, a PowerPoint presentation, and the tools in their design kit... the design session was a breeze!

From there, I created concept illustrations depicting each element of their wedding day designs. After they approved their designs... that was it! All that was left was for my team and I to bring all of their images to life and for them to enjoy their unforgettable, enchanting special day!


Bouquet design and final creation

There's something else to know about me. When I'm doing my "day of floral and event design production" I'm usually laser-focused on creating every detail of the design that I may not get a chance to see our Bride & Groom. That being said, I can't tell you how happy I was to come out of the back rooms near the end of the evening to see this lovely couple. And honestly, to see that smile and look of absolute bliss on her face would have been enough for me. But to hear her gush about and say we made her "dream come true"... I mean, my heart swelled with so much joy for this couple it nearly burst.


Ceremony designs and final creations


Reception & tablescape designs and...


... final creation!

I had to admit, I love creating art you can actually live in and experience on your wedding day but seeing and hearing how happy they were, THIS... THIS is what I live for. THIS is why I do what I do... I live to bring dreams to life and witness these once-in-a-lifetime moments!!

Thank you Dane & Michael and, once again, congratulations! Here's to a lifetime of love, laughter, beauty and joy!



Executive Creative Director, Principle Designer, and Lead Educator

Vivid Expressions LLC


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