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The Wedding Party - An exhibition that celebrates love.

How we designed the Chrysler's ballroom at "The Wedding Party".

It's hard to believe it's been a week since the stunning event at the Chrysler Museum of Art on March 6, 2020.  I hope that you enjoyed yourself and had a great time during "The Wedding Party".  I have to admit, I was beyond honored and excited when the Museum reached out to us specifically to be their featured event & floral designer for the event.

I was inspired to create a captivating and romantic environment for guests.  Kind of like walking into "art exhibition they could live in" for the evening.  I designed each of the six tables and cake area (including the staircase) to express a unique and distinct style, look and feel that still came together cohesively.  

To create the feel of an art exhibition, next to each table was the original design concept illustration & style board. In case you missed it check out an example of the artwork, a final table design, and glimpse behind the scene below.




We also created a lush and enchanting cascade of greenery that flowed down the sides of staircase.The final detail was our concept artwork.





In addition to creating the designs, decor, and flowers for the ballroom, we also created bouquets and floral jewelry for the fashion show as well as painted "live" throughout entire the event.

It was a night filled with love and art. So, what do you think? Would you consider hosting your wedding celebration at a museum? Well, no matter the venue, your special day should be a masterpiece for the ages!

Cheers & Happy Planning!!



Event & Floral Designer | Vivid Expressions LLC

Venue & Host | The Chrysler Museum of Art

Lighting | Stage Right Lighting Company

Photography | Keith Cephus


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