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I don't know about you but ...

I don't know about your but I'm ready to try something different.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm always up for a little "fluffy" content to escape some of day-to-day "MomBoss" life's little dramas. After all, life's too precious and short not to enjoy a bit of lighthearted fun, awe over the pretty stuff, and have some playful fun. But over the next coming days I want to do something different.  

I thought it'd be interesting to ask YOU... my people... friends, fans, followers and fam what you'd like to chat and learn about.  So, here's the deal. If you could just take 5 minutes (or give or take) to answer some questions it will do 2 things... 

1.) It would really mean a lot to me

2.) More importantly, I'll be able to create better emails, posts, blogs, etc. around topics you really want to learn about. 

Are you ready? Great... let's go!! Just click below on the one that best describes you!


Thanks so much!!



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