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Happily "Altered" After

It may not sound like it but I'm also a little nervous when people interview me. Honestly, I'm even more honored but still pretty nervous. When Maya Holihan asked me to come onto her Podcast "Happily Altered After" I was a bit of both.

That being said, I just did what I usually do. Grabbed a sip of coffee, nibbled on a bit of chocolate and imagined I was just talking to you... a bride or someone who was just like me when I was diving "head first" into the surprising deep world of weddings. The only difference is this time I'd already had a long, long, looooong journey full of "ups-and-downs" and I wanted to share everything I'd learned (good and bad) to help you make your day (and entire experience) nothing less than magic.

I especially wanted to help with the mental, logistical, creative and actionable "heavy lifting" and all the issues, mistakes, and "huh, I wish I had known that" moments that only comes with years of experience, resources, and education that came after my own wedding back in 2003. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Take a listen to the episode and you'll learn about me, the industry, some cool design trends that are coming and so much more.

Enjoy and, as always, cheers and happy planning!!


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