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We fell in love with fall in our class

The soft, delicate scents of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, and fresh cut flowers gently perfumed the air in the studio on November 18. Yes, this was Vivid Expressions design studio's 1st live fresh floral design class. This class focused on creating an abundant centerpiece design of cascading fresh greenery with pops of vibrant flowers in warm rich reds, oranges, and yellows while sharing floral care and design tips to create a stunning arrangement that will last well beyond the Thanksgiving holiday. Luxurious mercury glass vases with an ornate touch of gold were the perfect home for roses, protea, solidago, and mums. Bright greens apples and berries give the feel of a cornucopia that is perfect for Thanksgiving tablescapes.

I have to say, this class was just fun. Did you miss this class? No problem, be sure to subscribe or simply contact us to more events like this.

Cheers and season's greetings!


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