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We're only 2-weeks into 2024 and WOW, what a start!!

It's been a whirlwind of creativity this year at Vivid Expressions, and we're only 2 weeks in!  

LOL! But seriously, in addition to partnering with some of our favorite fabulous venue-partners to feature their breathtaking event locations with our “design workshops”, we've also been in my studio this last week re-configuring the layout of our space to start hosting intimate hands-on creative workshops again.  But that's just the beginning… check out what else I'm up to.

Every day is a canvas waiting to be painted. You, yes you, are the spark that adds inspiration to the journey! 


With workshops, collaborations, and loads of imaginative mischief up my sleeves, we can't wait to spill the beans. A commitment to all things creative is at the heart of Vivid Expressions. Here's to a year bursting with inspiration, laughter, and boundless possibilities—let's make it extraordinary together! 


I admit, running a creative studio (along with a busy personal life) means there's always so much happening and it's usually moving pretty.  I'm so excited for all the things ahead of us this year.  Well, that being said, I can't forget to recognize how awesome you are for being part of it, and thank you for staying in the loop!

Best wishes,


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