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How your wedding flowers can survive the heat

Hi lovely friends, brides-to-be, colleagues, and aspiring event & floral designers! As the temperature begins to rise again, so does the excitement for all those August weddings filled with sunshine and joy. While the summer season sets the perfect backdrop for your dream summer wedding or event, it's crucial to be prepared for soaring heat that can challenge both you and your beautiful blooms.

Fast forward 17 years later and after years of ups and downs, experimenting, succeeding and failing, learning and practicing, I've grown into an experienced floral designer and I want to share some valuable tips. More than anything, I want to ensure that your wedding flowers stay beautiful, healthy, and at their peak of loveliness throughout the extreme heat during the hottest time of the summer event season. Whether you're considering hiring a professional floral designer or taking on the task yourself, these simple guidelines will help you to make the best decision for you and ensure the lasting beauty of your floral arrangements.

Timing is everything in life and the same applies when it comes to floral care. So, let's make sure your flowers remain fresh and vibrant. This first step is essential. Bring in your flowers and start the process of cleaning, cutting, and hydrating them at least 3 to 4 days before your wedding or event. This gives the blooms ample time to fully take in water (and nutrients) and begin to open up, allowing them to look their best on your special day.

Just like with people, hydration for flowers is key. And having the right “water source strategy” is important for both you and your flowers. When I do my initial floral & tablescape design sketches I also reflect on (and often work out) things like the design's construction, flower selections, placement, and even water sources for the designs. So, explore different options to make sure your blooms can stay well-hydrated throughout the day. From using water tubes for arches and bouquets to water-filled vessels for centerpieces, choosing the right water source can significantly impact the longevity of your floral arrangements.

One of the best ways to prevent wilting petals is to infuse them with water. Consider some kind of plan to re-spray or infuse moisture into the flowers well before you head out the door. Depending on the type of design I have, I may use the hydration chamber method and infuse moisture into the flowers a few hours (or even a day) prior. Not enough room for a chamber? Something as simple as laying damp paper towels and plastic wrap over a bouquet or arrangement in a cooler can make a big difference.

At a minimum, be sure to take the time to re-spray your designs before leaving for the wedding or event to keep your flowers looking fresh even under the blazing sun or just transporting them in your vehicle. Regularly misting your flowers with water can help them stay lush and lively throughout the day.

Yes, there are a few finishing chemical options for flowers out there but I like to keep it simple, after all, we don't know who may be picking up and handling bouquets or other personal flowers throughout the day. So, keep your floral team prepared with spray bottles filled with water and, if possible, “Floral Food” for fresh-cut flowers. This ensures that your bouquets and centerpieces will receive the refreshing hydration (and added nutrients) they need to withstand the heat of the summer day. A quick spray here and there during the ceremony and/or reception setup can make a significant difference in the overall appearance and life of your wedding or event flowers.

Ok, so this is a bonus tip… or maybe just a friendly reminder. You see, as you embark on this exciting journey of planning a dream wedding, remember that the beauty of your flowers doesn't just lie in their appearance but also in the composition and construction of their design. Not to mention the meticulous care that goes on “behind the scenes”. Like I mentioned before, this process starts days in advance (weeks in advance if you count all the design development and planning work that floral designers do before the flowers arrive at our studios). The truth is, for many of us pros, it's taken years of training and practice to get the details and techniques down just right.

So, if you ever find yourself overwhelmed or things have gone from “fun to frustrating” and you're looking for a professional floral designer to guide you, help you refine your designs, or nurture your creativity with some coaching so you can curate and create your own stunning designs don't be shy… let me know. Vivid Expressions LLC and I are here for you as your creative partner!


You know what I love? I love to share my passion for art, design, creating, and education. Couple that with my extensive experience in the wedding and event industry and it allows me to craft inspiring creations that reflect your unique story to the world. So, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at Vivid Expressions LLC for creative consulting, creating designs, attending creative & design workshops, or coaching sessions. I'd be delighted to boost your personal creativity or business so you can bring your vision to life with confidence and joy. As always, I'm here for you and the magic we can create together!

Blossoms and best wishes,


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