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Unleash those "Summer Vibes": Simple ideas to inspire chic, fun, or stylish wedding & event design.

Hello lovely reader!

Happy 4th of July!!

With the Independence day holiday and the official start of summer weddings and party season, you may be wondering, "How can I infuse a 'seasonal touch' into a 'sophisticated' wedding or event look?" Remember, personal style and subtlety are key! Start by identifying your personal "Design Style". This will help you focus on selecting the right elements to create a cohesive look. Next, consider color. “Hints” of red, white, and blue, and don't forget metallic tones like silver or gold. Add simple theme icons and symbols through small accents, such as signage, napkins, glassware, cocktail stirrers, place cards, favors, or a small touch of vintage or "Americana-inspired" decor. A tasteful nod to the holiday will add a spark of patriotism without overpowering a wedding or event aesthetic.


Are the sun-kissed shores calling you? Now that Summer is in full swing, what better way to celebrate than with some seasonal and beach-inspired wedding design inspiration? I'm here to share 3 fabulous tips for creating a chic and stylish summer look that will make your wedding or event unforgettable.

Top 3 Tips

#1 Embrace Warm, Natural Palettes

When it comes to choosing flowers and colors for a classic and “on-theme” look, consider the beauty of nature's hues. Tap into a timeless natural color palette with soft, neutral tones that mimic the clouds, sand, sky, plants, and ocean. If you're craving a pop of color, indulge in a statement color in a lush signature bloom. Keep in mind, less is more with attention-grabbing flowers. A few well-placed blossoms can make a powerful statement against a serene, unique, or elegant design or as a focal point in the venue's backdrop.

#2 Let The Breeze Flow

Imagine your guests being greeted by soft, ethereal fabrics gently swaying in a coastal breeze. Creating the perfect setting for a blissful celebration with fabric and texture. This look captures the essence of a tranquil summer day with flowing, sheer fabrics in crisp light colors. From billowing draping on an arch to airy chiffon runners cascading down on a table, this element will create a sense of relaxed elegance.

#3 Personalize with Seasonal Touches

Add a touch of natural charm to your wedding details with seasonal or locally-inspired summer accents. For instance, instead of traditional place cards, with custom elements like *hand-painted oyster shells as a unique touch to a waterfront reception's seating. Want a more tropical vibe? Consider using lush large tropical greens like monstera or plams leaves in decor to give your guests an island paradise feel. These thoughtful touches will infuse your celebration with summer or ocean flair while maintaining a sense of style and sophistication.

(*Hand-painted Shells by our friends at Events nSight)

Did you find these helpful? I'd love to know. You see, I admit, I get a thrill out of seeing opportunities to innovate and inspire others in the wedding & events industry. It's an honor (and a pleasure) to share my gifts, experience, knowledge, and creativity with others so we can work on weddings, events, or even their creative skills together. That's one of the reasons I've launched Creative Academy By Vivid Expressions LLC. Feel free to ask me about my programs. I'd love to share more about our creative & educational workshops, coaching, and more.

As always, if there's anything I can do to help don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm here to help facilitate dreams! And yes, I'd be delighted to schedule a time to chat about where you are now and how to get to where you want to go. Just let me know.

Until then, have a safe and spectacular 4th of July and week!

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