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Real Weddings: Leneisha and Gregory at The Chrysler Museum of Art

To be fair, it's completely impossible to have one favorite couple or favorite wedding. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to work with such great people and for such phenomenal occasion. The truth is, part of what makes the relationship I nurture over the months before a client's "big day" starts from the very first conversation. Where we first really chat and get to know each other during an initial consultation. Honestly, this is also the moment I fall for my clients.

I hear their love story and (me being the hopeless romantic I am) fall for them. My heart swells, I start to envision creating all the elements they adore and mean the most to them. I can imagine surrounding them with the perfect environment and how blissfully happy they'll be on their wedding day and how warm and wonderful I'll feel helping them experience it. Want an example?


Let's take Leneisha and Gregory who said, "I do" at the magnificent Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia for example. It was exciting to listen to Leneisha as she shared all the different design elements she loved. She loved the exquisite staircase at the museum but wanted to create a dramatic statement just for them. She loved a idea of having a flowing, romantic feel but also like clean, crisp, modern looks. She imagined her wedding color scheme with black, white, and gold but was also open to fresh and natural greenery. But.... How would that look together?

Well, luckily for this fantastic couple they never had to worry about "how it would all look put together" because I presented Leneisha and Gregory with a watercolor illustration of what their wedding day designs would look like.

Leneisha and Gregory's Ceremony Concept Presentation

by Janel Bailey Keen of Vivid Expressions LLC

The Museum's signature, dramatic staircase will be adorned with flowing greenery spilling over the side of the top and cascading down to the alter. A soft wash up-lighting would cast a warm, gentle glow. A crisp white carpet runner would line Leneihsa's path as she walked down the aisle to Gregory.

We made tall, stunningly, chic and romantic floral arrangement of white flowers including roses, hydrangea, and branches would rest on top a grouping of of 7 ft and 3 ft clear acrylic pillars from our decor inventory. All to create the breathtaking and modern focus of their wedding ceremony alter design.

Leneisha and Gregory's bridal party all had alluring floral bouquets and boutonnieres that perfectly reflect their style and look of their special day.

The magic continued after our design production time flipped the room that resulted in an unforgettable reception. The look on their faces... not to mention the big hug I got from Leneisha after the reception was simply amazing... just like this couple. I truly believe every couple should have at feeling on their special day.




Event Design & Production...

Event Design + Floral Design | Vivid Expressions

Venue | The Chrysler Museum of Art

Lighting | Stage Right Lighting

Photographer | Chad Flucas Photography

Other colleagues that day included...

Catering | Cuisine and company

Day of | Soirees by Lauren

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