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No two clients (or their needs) are the same and neither are their event designs.  Our clients typically prioritize the look of their events and their investment can vary widely depending on their needs and unique, personalized designs.  So, a minimum event design budget will be custom estimated around each client's needs.  For our event floral design and decor items we charge you for:

 (1) Hard costs of the flowers (and supplies like floral wire, etc.) 

(2) Rental item fee for items such as our containers, vases, candles holders, etc.

(3) Design Preparation & Pre-production; admin and processing (including floral processing, sourcing your specific floral materials, shipping them into the studio, cleaning, cutting, feeding and hydrating them in preparation to be arranged in your designs) 

(4) Delivery (including; vehicle, insurance, and driver)

(5) There are also flat and/or hour rates (including Designer fee) to covers the time, labor and the talents of our day of design production team including set-up, strike (returning to break down), cleaning, restocking, and rental returns. 


You can also choose a "Designer Service Package" that includes design production and team fees as well as designer coordinating services. So, depending on what you want for your event design, our average client design budget starts at $7,5000 on products and Designer consulting services & "Day of" Design Production investment typically starts at $3,600

Typically, investment starts at $7,500 but past clients have chosen to book with us with the designer, floral design & decor budgets of up to $20,000+ for their events.







Designer Consulting and Event Designer service are personalized client design experiences - customized to meet the specific needs of each client. 

  1. Our Signature Event Designer services begins with design develop & plan starting at $2,600.  (The first 25 hours of design plan consulting)

  2. Event Design Coordination is offered at a fee of 15% of each Design Related Vendor contract managed by the Designer (vendors may be booked by client). 

  3. Finally, "Day of" Design Production Team is essential for the seamless execution of the event design plan and starts at $1,500 plus $250 per design team member per day.  An average design production team will have a minimum of 2 assistants and up to 10 (Holiday rates may differ)


For those who would like an hourly option we offer Hourly Design Consulting at a rate of $125 per hour (minimum of 2 hours of total scheduled appointments).  Details are outlined in a personalized proposal.


All floral designs & decor items are personalized designed to reflect the look and need our of clients.  Our clients tend to invest 15% to 20% (or more) on their overall event budget into their Event Designer, flowers, decor and design elements for "the look" of their event.  Custom proposals with design estimates are created after a complimentary consultation.  Custom-made floral design & decor creations require a minimum design investment that typically starts at $7,500 but past clients have chosen to book with us with floral design & decor budgets of up to $20,000+ for their flowers & decor products.


Artist bookings are limited.  Artist commission artwork or "live event artist" bookings like caricaturists can start at $250 per hour (with minimum hours required).  Other restrictions may apply.


In order to dedicate our talent, resources, and team to creating exquisite designs and services for our clients, our designer service plans and floral design & decor products typically book anywhere from 12 months to 6 mouths prior to an event date.  Some popular months may book quicker than others.  Client "Design Sessions" are usually conducted between 8 months to 4 months prior to the event date.  


We understand that we are not the best fit for everyone.  Begin by contacting us today to schedule a consultation to chat about your vision, analyze your needs, and see if we are a good fit for each other and receive a custom proposal.

These details are explored in our questionnaire and during your initial design consultation.  After your consultation, we are then able to create a custom proposal and estimate for your designs.   (details are explored during an initial design consultation)

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