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New Floral Trend Spotting: Enchantment & Luster


Ok, a few years ago I began incorporating fresh leaves (small and large tropical leaves) painted metallic tones like gold, rose gold, and bronze into statement floral arrangements. It added a statement or a rich, opulent touch without being too over-the-top or guardy. Well, here we are, a few years later and monsteras and palms in various metallic tones and muted hues are everywhere. So, what's the next enticing trend that we'll see enhancing and creating visual interest in designs? Right now, I'd say it's iridescent and holographic anthurium.

Generally speaking, anthurium is a “heart-shaped” flowering plant and I personally tend to think of it as a focal or even accent “flower” that can be added for tropical-inspired themes or more contemporary-style designs that could use a flower with a closed, even geometric silhouette. With common colors like white, red, pinks, green and the occasional deep purple-ish I considered them just interesting. But I'd easily consider these new iridescent and holographic anthurium true showstoppers.

The look can mimic and complement metallic hues as well as bring in shimmer, sophistication, and a kiss of “glam”. These anthurium catch the light and allows it to dance along its texture surface with a mother-of-pearl finish. Coppers, golds, silvers, and even pearlized pinks, lavenders and blues - just imagine them paired with a range of color harmonies to amplify the warm or light.

As we go into the wedding season I can also imagine seeing there's because couples have been patiently waiting to celebrate, have postponed their big day, or even had a little bit of extra time to save up and now they're ready to go big on creating a look that was worth waiting for. So, as more clients will be looking for ways to make their day more personalized and special this may be a unique touch to elevate the design. As your floral or event design about holographic anthurim for your look or suppliers like Haus of Stems.

Of course, this look is intriquing but it's certainly not for everyone. So, what do you think? Do you love the look? Or is it interesting but just not for you or your style? I'd love to hear back form you with your thoughts. Let me know!

Happy Planning...


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