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Wedding Trend Alert: Floral Accessories & Floral Wearables #WearMoreFlowers

Can you imaging sitting down with your designer, sharing your what you love, your style, your personality, likes and your dislikes and seeing what creative ways your designer can help express who you are in what you and your wedding party will wear?

It's finally happening!! This is especially exciting for wedding clients because one of the best things about working with a professional is discovering all the industry secrets, technologies, and innovations you didn't even know were possible or available to you. And this trend is one of my favorites... for a long time now. I mean, I've been using florals as an artistic medium for years but now, finally, wearable flowers or floral accessories are coming into the spotlight.

Fresh Floral Parasol by Vivid Expressions

It's not your typical bridal bouquet or corsages... and I love it. Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm a sucker for a breathtakingly beautiful fresh floral bouquet. Seeing our brides hold their custom designed personal arrangement of fresh and fabulous flowers as the perfect accessory for their look makes my hear smile. And I love the process of working with a client to help them identify their favorite Bouquet Style (there are 8 categories but more on that in another post) and incorporate all of their personalized twists to reflect them, their story and their look.

But, I admit, this is exciting for me as a designer too. You see, I get the opportunity to use both my skills as a professional artist (especially in sculpting) and my expertise as a certified floral designer to tailor-make something new and unique for each client. Yes, to me this is another way to create living pieces art!

Here, throughout this blog, I've posted just a few of the "wearable" floral designs (yes, fresh flowers) I've created including:

  • Floral Crowns

  • Floral Headbands

  • Floral Necklaces

  • Floral Earrings

  • Floral Rings

  • Floral Bracelets

  • Floral Purses

  • Floral Parasol

Fresh floral accessories and wearable flowers by Vivid Expressions

So... Would you consider floral accessories or "wearable living art" for yourself or your wedding part? I'd love to hear your thought!

Until then... Happy planning!!



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