Oh, hi there, welcome to our blog... again!

Welcome to our blog... again!

In case we haven't met I'm Janel Bailey Keen, Executive Creative Director, Lead Designer, and Artist of Vivid Expressions LLC. After a long, long, looong absence focusing on growing our design studio located on Granby Street in Norfolk, refreshing our the look of our website, and intensifying our focus on event design, art, decor, and of course flowers - we decided to bring back our blog.

You see, as much as I love meeting people face-to-face (and I do) and sharing thoughts on our social media I wanted to create a platform to showcase not only what is goes on around the studio but to share a bit of technical design insight, sparks of inspiration, behind-the-scenes peaks, artistic influences, and lovely little glimpses into our real weddings, event designs, and more. I'm looking forward to regularly posting here to share all the enlightening, creative, strange, beautiful, intriguing, fun, and fabulous things as well as things you've always wanted to know and maybe even some things you didn't know you wanted to know.

Until then... cheers!!






3921 Granby Street

Suite B

Norfolk, Virginia

(By Appointment)


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All images on this site are from Vivid Expressions LLC events, services, or designs.


We'd like to thank our valued photographers and film vendors for these images; Keith Cephus Photograhy, "View It Do It" Live StreamingDanielle McVey Photography, OnOn Digitography, Dragon Studio Photography, Debonair Photography, DCPG Photography, Glenn Fajota Photography, Scrolevision Photography, Julie Martin Photography, Eyes of Michael Photography, Fresh Look Photography, Heather Hughes Photography, Amber Renée Photography, Big Dreams Entertainment Jeremy Mitchell Cinema, Creative Silence photography, Tasha Prescott Photography, Exposure PhotographyWill Hawkins Photography, All You PhotoBlush Wood Studios, Dustin Lewis Photography, Angie McPherson Photography, Josh Boone Photography, Cox Media, Creative Impressions/Jeriel Yordan Videography, and Vivid Expressions LLC

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