The Big Picture_ Blueprint Course Module

Do you want to confidently stand-out from crowd and easily show your dream clients your the 

unquestionable value?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

is in less than 8 weeks learn the enhancing "event design blueprinting & creative business framework", developed for students of anyone of any skill-level, that empowers you to confidently stand-out to premium clients as their unquestionable choice so you can grow your business and feel inspired while doing what you love.


Hope D.

(Wedding Planner, Masterclass student)

“Every week lessons get better and better. My takeaways and the elements of a wedding - I absolutely loved the clarity. I loved videos and I loved sketching. Thank you Janel Bailey Keen. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you teach this.”


DaPorcha B.

(Wedding Planner, Masterclass student)

"Today's first session was full of so much information that I can utilize with all my clients. The different demonstrations that you presented help me understood the different types of designs and along with the training videos also. I am looking forward to learning more and I am glad that I invested in this class to help rebrand my business."



Creative Business Group Program Includes: 

  • Private Member's Training Site "Pre-Course Training & Practice".

  • Virtual Orientation and Meet & Greet (before class launch) to get you settled in and excited.

  • Private "Gamified" Course Website to access all training, replays, and more as they are released so you'll like learning is interesting, well-organzied, and fun.

  • 1 Module released each week over the 6 weeks period of the masterclass (Training and/or Materials) so you'll learn at a worry-free and productive pace.

  • 1 Weekly  “Live” Training & Walkthrough Sessions to review previous module (Wednesdays 11 am) so you'll feel confident that you'll understand everything clearly.

  • Video Replays” of all live sessions (posted in private members site) so you'll always have the information at your fingertips any time you need it.

  • Private Facebook Group so you'll have a Community for communication and more support with others like you.

  • Future updates of new versions of the "Concept To Creation Blueprint" will be availalbe so you'll never miss out on new insight.

What's in the program?

Exclusive Bonuses: 

In exchange for your commitment to participate and provide feedbackyour well get the following bonuses:

  • 1 - Private 1-on-1 VIP “GPS Coaching” Session - Get clear on your goals, envision and next steps (Value $297)

  • 8 weeks of Bonus Live Group Coaching & Q+A Sessions during course(Value $997).

  • Bonus "Essential Floral Design" & "Creatives Training" Video Vaults released throughout course ($1,999 value)

  • 1 - Tuition Voucher for future Full-day Workshop or Designer Retreat ($200)

But, what if I can't draw?  

No problem!  You're not alone.  I've designed this program to help students of all ability levels to enhance their skills with techiques and live coaching support so you'll walk away ready "WOW" your dream clients.

Elevate your client's experience ...

So you can stand-out, resonate with and attract dream clients.

Enhance your design skills...

So you will be highly valued and compensated for what you do.

Clear, systemized creative processes...

So you'll save time, delight clients

and do more of what you love.

5 Part design process

​Join this fun and unqiue "Online & Interactive" masterclass: 

  • #1 - “The BIG Picture” 

Start with the exploratory and information gathering methods so you can dive under the surface and resonate with your ideal clients.

  • #2 - “The Epiphany Spark”

Discover systems for brandstorming & organizing ideas so you can generate and nail the perfect custom client concepts on demand.

  • #3 - “Muses & Methods” (Part 1 & 2)

Part 1: Learn Art & Design Styles, Elements, Principles, Room Composition, and Techiques so you can visually WOW clients.

Part 2: Depict ideas with hand sketching out design ideas and 2-D & 3-D renderings so you'll easily show and plan the exact layout, decor and tablescape elements.

  • #4 - “Behind The Design”

Create business balance with costs checks, production strategies, and resources, so you'll live your life with purpose, passion and profit.

  • #5 - “Ready To WOW”

 Learn to present visuals & design plans in a way that attracts your dream clients so you can have the business and life you love.


“Mission Accomplished!!”

You'll "Graduation" by submitting your own Visual Design Presenation for me to review and personally coach you on so you'll feel ready to implement your skills and powerful system right away to set yourself apart as the unquestionable choice for premium clients and you can do more of what you love!

Have questions?

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*In addition to learning "Hand-sketching", course also includes Design & Organization Training

Intro to Canva

So you'll easily create stunning visual materials to help communicate what you can do.

AllSeated 2-D & 3-D 

Learn this powerful too so you can go from fabulous impression to flawless implementation.

Intro to Trello 

So you'll smoothly curate and effortlessly orchastrate your project flow with your team

*What's the next step?

Have questions? 


Lets Zoom chat!!

I'd be delighted to schedule a virtual Connect + Create Chat a time that's conveinet for you before enrollment officially ends Click here or


Fresh Look Photography_2020_33.jpg

West M., 

Entertainment Company Owner

I think, for me as a creative, I am in need of direction in order for me to really channel and focus on the things that will allow me to flex my creativity and grow as a business owner.  I have been able to book 10 Weddings in 3 months after learning from her.  Janel’s coaching has allowed us to earn more and stress less!

Branding Mini Session- Janel Bailey-Keen

Denise H.,

Creative Entrepreneur

Loved the Workshop, it was focused on inner self development and finding balance in my personal life - Janel is really talented and her heart shines through in the way she presents her topic. Looking forward to the next workshop!



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