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You know when you...

see the gap between "where you are" and "what you want" but can't see the steps to bridge the gap?  There's so much clutter (information-overload, mistakes, and wondering what you're missing) that it's literally hard to see the right path for you.  Do you feel undervalued, drained, or stagnant?


I help people tap into their innate creativity so they can achieve their vision and powerfully operate from their own unique zone of brilliance.

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Did you know...

  • 60% of CEOs cite "Creativty" as the most important "Leadership Quality"

(Compared to 52% for "Integrity" and only 35% for "Global Thinking")

  • 75% of people do not feel they are reaching their creative potential.

  • People who know how to implement creativity can increase their household earnings by 13%

Creative Transformation Coaching & Workshops will help you...

  • Relieve stress and boust creative thinking

  • Gain confidence and stand out 

  • Visualize goals and support to accomplishing them

  • Empowered project planning and smoothly lead teams

  • Impress others with enhanced innovative skills

  • Creativity & Neu-linguistic Problem Solving techniques

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"You know what I love? 


Getting up each day and seeing people reach their gaols and dreams be doing what they imagine, discover things they didn't even know they could do, and seeing them have the freedom to create a life they love."

- Janel Bailey Keen

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What do people say about my workshops?

This is an amazing workshop that will get your creative juices flowing.  I have experienced it first hand and I am almost  done with my vision for my business plan!  Thank you Janel"

 - Teneka B.,

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Exclusive, Intensive Creative Designer Course:

"Concept to Creation Blueprint Masterclass"

Want to grow your business, unlock powerful creative skills, and have fun with game-changing techniques to make you stand-out from the crowd as the unquestionable choice to amazing clients?


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West M., 
Entertainment Company Owner

"I think, for me as a creative, I am in need of direction in order for me to really channel and focus on the things that will allow me to flex my creativity and grow as a business owner.  I have been able to book 10 Weddings in 3 months after learning from her.  Janel’s coaching has allowed us to earn more and stress less!"


Denise H.,
Creative Entrepreneur

"Loved the Workshop, it was focused on inner self development and finding balance in my personal life - Janel is really talented and her heart shines through in the way she presents her topic. Looking forward to the next workshop!"